New chapter

Hello, my dear reader. Hope that you are doing great. My mind is pretty blank at the moment, so still no inspiration to keep things rolling with my blog. It feels like a new page, that comes after a big busy chapter.

Maybe I should just wait for the year to pass, it does feel like 2020 on its own was already a big disaster for most of us. I’m grateful that I had it pretty good this year, many people sure suffered much more than me. But mental stress and feeling of uncertainty did affect me a lot this time. And of course the load of motherhood is pretty big. There is almost a month left until 2021, let’s hang in there ✊.

A small life update in case you were following: my older daughter started her kindergarten in the middle of pandemic and I’m trying to keep it up for as long as situation allows us. She is enjoying her time with other kids a lot, but still adjusting of course. Particularly it is difficult with German language as she doesn’t speak it yet. And sharing her toys with kids is also a challenge.

I’m glad she can develop, play and draw during the day. Because I currently do not have a luxury of giving her all of this with another baby on my hands. We always thought she would be homeschooled but she expressed the desire to go to daycare herself, so we supported her choice. Having her at kindergarten for half a day gives me several hours of ‘free time’, that I spend doing housework and looking after the crawling baby, exploring every corner of our house.

This time I definitely feel the essence of ‘care work’, as I receive less support with kids and must figure out the way to keep the household routines going. Laundry, food for 3 people (me and 2 kids), sometimes dinner for husband, baking, cleaning, groceries etc. All invisible work, that millions of women do around the world, now it certainly is a reality for me as well. I use a couple of tricks and time management techniques to stay on top of it, plus I try to have a mindset, that I shouldn’t overwork myself too much. Kids don’t need a fanatically clean home or neatly folded laundry 😀. All they need is our love and attention.

Let’s see what this chapter will bring us, there sure is light ahead of us 💫💫. Please let me know, how you are doing, it’s almost impossible for me to follow up with your blog posts, I really feel sorry about it. Hopefully one day I will have more time to read and scroll through my feed.

Sending you my warm regards ❤